The Eurofins Employee Day Out was planned at the Sheelandara Resort, Bidadi'2019. 
The property lies amidst the unexplored hills and the plantations.  With around 1500 employees gathering there for a day out we had to be extremely apt with the planning. 

Colours360 came up with the whole conceptualization and idealization of the theme and the plan. REFRESH as the name suggests created complete excitement within the employees. 

We had the DOLLU KUNITHA - Karnataka Folk Music and Percussion to welcome them along with MJ RJ Rakesh as the main Host who set the event mode on  grand stage and set up was planned below the hills. We had DJVJ Chetan- RCB/MI/IPL Fame to rock the party. Also Fun Games and Engagement options were also created. Pool Party was another highlight.

The event was all in all a complete refreshing one ! The employees were flabbergasted and thoroughly enjoyed the day !